South Asian Women Connection

Mission Statement

South Asian Women Connection, is a multicultural and multi-faith group of women who support Joe Biden & Kamala Harris for the 2020 Presidential Election. We invite everyone to join us to help Biden & Kamala to win the election. We believe in Diversity & Inclusion. The Biden-Harris ticket shows both. We believe that we need a change in our nation’s leadership with true Democratic values. Joe Biden is a strong leader. He has worked with one of the best presidents of our history Barak Obama. Biden will restore the honor of our great country by bringing Americans together and restoring faith in our constitution.

Kamala Harris, a fellow South Asian is a great choice and shows the true diversity of America. We are working together with Black Women for Biden in organizing teams in all states and will encourage all Americans to join our team, especially women of South Asian descent to be part of our movement. We are One America and we will stand strong.

Thank you

South Asian American Women Connection
for Joe Biden Kamala Harris

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