Kamala Harris

Ready on Day One


There is no doubt Kamala Harris could take over as President at any time if needed:

  • She represents the largest state in the country in the United States Senate.
  • She serves on the Intelligence and Judiciary Committees – critical committees given the threats we’re facing around the world and at home.
  • She ran one of the largest legal operations in the world as Attorney General of California.
  • She’s run for President.

She’s ready on Day One:

  • She shares Joe Biden’s view of standing up for the backbone of this country – the truly essential people.
  • As Attorney General, she beat the big banks and cracked down on mortgage fraud.
  • She took on the ban on gay marriage and helped change the law.
  • She fought big oil to protect the environment.
  • She’s faced down the gun lobby.
  • Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are ready to take on the big fights ahead if they win, and she’s already shown the courage and success to win big fights.

She knows how to ask the hard questions and get answers, whether it is going toe to toe with Jeff Sessions or Brett Kavanaugh in Senate hearings, or holding the Administration’s feet to the fire over racial justice.

  • She’s the right person to take on Donald Trump and Mike Pence on the campaign trail.
  • As Vice President, she’ll be in the Situation Room and the Cabinet room, asking the hard
    questions about what’s broken in our government and our country, and helping Joe Biden
    get the answers.

Kamala's Bio

  • The first Black woman to represent California in the United States Senate, Kamala Harris
    grew up believing in the promise of America and fighting to make sure that promise is
    fulfilled for all Americans.
  • Kamala was the first Black woman to be elected California Attorney General, overseeing the country’s second-largest Justice Department, only behind the U.S. Department of Justice. As AG, she managed a $735 million budget and oversaw more than 4,800 attorneys and other employees. Kamala fought for families and won a $20 billion settlement for California homeowners against big banks that were unfairly foreclosing on homes. And, she worked to protect Obamacare, helped win marriage equality for all, defended California’s landmark climate change law, and won a $1.1 billion settlement against a for-profit education company that scammed students and veterans.
  • Since being elected to the U.S. Senate in 2016, Kamala has introduced and co-sponsored legislation to help the middle class, increase the minimum wage to $15, reform cash bail, and defend the legal rights of refugees and immigrants. Kamala serves on the Senator Judiciary Committee, where she holds Trump administration officials accountable and is a powerful voice against Trump’s conservative judicial nominations. And, Kamala serves
    on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that deals with the nation’s most sensitive national security and international threats.

Kamala’s Partnership With Joe Biden

  • Kamala Harris served as California’s Attorney General at the same time as Joe Biden’s son, Beau, was serving as Attorney General for Delaware. The two grew close while fighting to take on the banking industry. Through her friendship with Beau, she got to know Joe Biden.
  • And, from hearing about Kamala from Beau to seeing her fight for others directly, Joe has long been impressed by how tough Kamala is.
  • Particularly on the Senate Judiciary Committee – which Joe used to lead – Kamala has distinguished herself as a fighter on behalf of the American people, on issues ranging from corruption, women’s rights and election interference.
  • Kamala doesn’t hesitate to take on powerful people and powerful interests, and that’s exactly the kind of leader Joe wants by his side to rebuild this country and restore the soul of the nation.

Kamala’s Record of Results of Working for Families

  • Kamala has been a leader highlighting the disproportionate impact of COVID on communities of color – and introduced legislation to address these disparities. Kamala’s legislation would establish a team of policy experts, regional leaders, and federal officials to develop policy and funding prescriptions based on demographic data to combat issues facing minority and underserved communities.
  • Kamala took on the big banks on behalf of California homeowners and won a $20 billion settlement, the largest settlement of any attorney general in America.
  • As District Attorney of San Francisco, she prosecuted companies that stole worker wages and put worker safety at risk. As Attorney General, she fought for California’s public employee unions. And as Senator, she stood against the harmful Janus decision.
  • Kamala, as San Francisco DA, championed a leading re-entry program to direct young people arrested for drug crimes into training and counseling programs instead of jail.
  • Kamala’s Department of Justice was the first statewide agency to mandate a body camera
    program, launched implicit bias and procedural justice trainings, and created a public database, including data on deaths in police custody and arrest rates.
  • As Attorney General, Kamala obtained a $1.1 billion judgment against for-profit Corinthian Colleges for predatory practices that saddled students with debt and useless degrees.
  • As California Attorney General, Kamala took on big oil companies and went to court to defend the Obama-Biden Clean Power Plan and New Source Standards.
  • As California Attorney General, Kamala sued corporations like Chevron and BP for damaging the environment and won. And, she sued corporations for their role in exposing Californians to excessive levels of diesel.
  • While Attorney General, she ensured unaccompanied minors seeking refuge in the U.S. had access to pro-bono counsel.