Kamala Harris and Younger Women of Color

Kamala Harris’ rise sends message of hope to young girls of color

Who is Kamala Harris? A look at her life and career in politics 13:40

(CNN)Kamala Harris‘ place as a Black and South Asian American woman on the Democratic ticket sends a message to young girls of color that she often projected when she was running her own presidential campaign: “I see you, I hear you.”

During her primary run for the Democratic nomination, Harris continuously made time for young girls and boys of color, often bending down to meet them at their eye-level and asking them of their aspirations without breaking eye contact.
“You always keep that chin up, you hear me?” she told a shy young Black girl named Maya in one such moment that went viral last June.
For many of the 2 million people who viewed that video, the moment encompassed a mission statement for Harris’ own presidential run; giving young girls and women — Black, South Asian and from all walks of life — the ability to “see themselves in a presidential candidate,” Jalisa Washington-Price, Harris’ former deputy national political director and South Carolina state director, told CNN.
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